Till Death Do Us Bark: 43 Old Cemetery Road by Kate Klise & M. Sarah Klise (illustrator)

Author:  Kate Klise & M. Sarah Klise (illustrator)
Pages: 144
Genre: Children's
Source: Netgalley
The Klise sisters are back with the follow-up to 43 Old Cemetery Road: Dying to Meet You and 43 Old Cemetery Road: Over My Dead Body.  Here we once again catch up with Ignatius B. Grumply, Seymour Hope and that wonderful ghost, Olive C. Spense - who have recently acquired a new pet, a dog named Secret.

When beloved town member Noah Breth dies, his children Kanine Breth and Kitty Breth head straight back to town in order to collect their father's fortune.  But Noah had other plans... he realized his children were greedy, snobby and utterly rude to everyone, including each other.  So in the hopes that he'd bring them together, he concocts a plan to hide his wealth - leaving a bunch of limericks and riddles behind as clues.  

As the town gets involved in the mystery of Noah Breth's fortune, Seymour, Ignatius and Olive are having their own issues.  For one, they can't seem to agree on what to do with Seymour's new dog, Secret.  Iggy likes dogs, but for some reason he can't stop sneezing, not to mention he can't concentrate on this writing with Secret barking all night.  Olive is a cat lover so she thinks the dog should go... and the cat, well Shadow is just missing.  

In this third volume from 43 Old Cemetery Road, author Kate Klise and illustrator M. Sarah Klise deliver a runaway mystery. Heads or tails, it’s guaranteed to please cat and dog lovers alike—and anyone who’s ever tried to keep a secret.

Once again, this series is cleverly written in epistolary fashion. Mostly told through letters, e-mails, drawings, newspaper clippings, limericks and a Last Will.  I have become quite the fan of the sisters' Klise witty writing and fun illustrations.  I absolutely fell in love with the first book in the series and I have not been disappointed with any of the subsequent titles.  These are fun, quick reads that are geared more for the middle-grade crowd but can definitely be enjoyed by adults as well *snickers*.  My favorite part still remains the clever names of the characters who reside in the town of Ghastly, IL: Shirley U. Jest, Rita O'Bitt, Claire Voyant, Fay Tality, and of course M. Balm, the librarian! (which of course, all make the expected cameos). 

As usual, the combination between the writing and illustrations are a treat.  Full of great humor and a very sweet moral that you can devour in one sitting. 

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Tales of Whimsy said...

O I want to try this!

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I love the cover, it's got an old school flair. Fabulous review

Kailana said...

Sounds like a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this series, especially the 1st book. However, I can't WAIT to read this one!

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