Tombstone Tea by Joanne Dahme

Author:  Joanne Dahme
Pages: 224
Genre: YA/ Teen
Source: Purchase
Jessie has recently moved to a new town and is going to a new school. In order to be accepted by the “in” girls at school - she has been dared to spend the night at the local cemetery with a list of names whose graves she has to find. Upon entering the cemetery, she meets Paul, a handsome boy who works as a caretaker at the cemetery. Paul explains to Jessie that this evening is the rehearsal for the Tombstone Tea: a fund-raising performance in which actors impersonate the people buried in the cemetery. But Jessie quickly discovers that they aren’t actors at all but the ghosts of men and women buried in the cemetery. When one of the ghostly inhabitants decides to adopt Jessie to replace her lost daughter, our heroine fears she may never escape the cemetery.

Once again, I was suckered in by the neat cover - but this was surprisingly really good. It was an exciting and interesting story. I loved reading about the cemetery’s ghosts and how they came to reside there as ghosts. Jessie was a great heroine, but all the quirky and zany ghosts were my favorite characters. They had such history and depth to them. Ms. Dahme’s lyrical prose was stunning at parts - you could almost feel the cold seeping into your bones and the ghostly apparitions chasing poor Jaime through the cemetery. Her details and descriptions made it very visual for me. Paul was this guiding light for Jaime and I was hoping more would come from their friendship. Although the story ends and leaves no loose ends, I got the feeling that there might be a continuation to it. Many of the ghosts were introduced in detail, but there were still so many more that you just catch a glimpse of. I can definitely see Jessie having more adventures in the cemetery and there’s also Paul to think about (love interest?). Overall it was a gripping and enjoyable read that I would recommend for readers of all ages who enjoy young adult fiction.

My Rating: 

**Originally reviewed October 2009**


La Coccinelle said...

This sounds quite good! Thanks for the review. I'd not heard of this one!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Cool cover and nice clean ending? Great news. I've been eying this one.

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