Manic Monday Recaps (Week 11/29/10)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...  can you believe we are in December already?  I know, it's like 2 days away, but I'm already in full Christmas mode... are you?

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend with plenty of family, food and shopping?!  I sure did.  I also got some reading done which is a plus.  Haha.  I even took my reader along with me for Black Friday shopping and read while waiting in some of those lines.  Oh yes, I was one of those crazy moms standing outside of Toys R Us on Thanksgiving around 8pm waiting for it to open at 10pm.  Don't judge!  I got a slew of toys that the kids wanted and they were all 1/2 off.  I know, I rock. 

Here's what I plan on reading this week:

Last week I read the following:
- Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost
- Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins
- Hexbound by Chloe Neill
- Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer
- Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins

I reviewed the following:
- What I Thought I Knew by Alice Eve Cohen [review]

Have a great week friends.  Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Kuddos to you for braving the holiday shoppers. I did Black Friday once and NEVER AGAIN. Crazy ass people. I'm sure you were well behaved :-)

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

YA Book Queen said...

Glad you survived Black Friday! ;)

Hope you enjoy Delirium and the rest of your books :D

Nely said...

@Steph - Oh, I love the Black Friday hectic shopping. I set up a master plan and don't sleep at all that night. Me, the hubs, my bro and his wife, all make a map of times and places where we need to be at. It's pretty funny, but I am definitely one of those nice shoppers. I get there early enough to where I don't have to throw down with anyone because of a Buzz Lightyear toy ;)

Audra said...

I'm so jealous you've got a copy of Wither! Also, I married into a family of devoted Black Friday shoppers (up at 3am to be in line by 4am) -- it's a high for them and a major bonding time as they do breakfast and lunch together, help each other get what's on their lists, etc.

Nely said...

@Audra - it's funny you say that. We are the same way, except with the stores opening up the same night of Thanksgiving vs the 4am shopping, we stay up all night. But yes, we all have a purpose when it comes to the shopping. One is the navigator - he makes sure we are running on time and makes sure we don't spend too much time ogling the pretty, shiny toys, then there's one of us who is the front line guy - he's the one guy who makes it his mission to just run and get the major toys we know will sell out. Then there's one of us who grabs the cart and just stands in line the whole time while the rest of us are out shopping and ogling the pretty, shiny toys (this is usually me!), etc. It is super fun - plus we make runs to local gas stations (the only things open) for coffee and espresso shots in between stops at the next store. And then when we're done at like 8:30am we make our way over to somewhere that they serve hot breakfast - while we all sit there and not talk since we're completely pooped. It's a ritual that we've done now for the last couple of years and it is something that we look forward to all year long.

Anonymous said...

Omygoodness Nely...I finished Delirium over was so good I cant stop thinking about it, I didnt even want to start a new book because it was so strong in my head...:D

Audra said...

@Nely -- that's exactly how they do it! It's a multigenerational group, too, so younger cousins are with older cousins, parents and their kids, etc. It's too much shopping and getting up early for me, but my in-laws love it.

Michelle said...

Wither was fantabulous, it's definintely my new Hunger Games! I also really adored Dilirium. Hope you do too.

Chrystal said...

I am not even really started my shopping, but I hope by the weekend to be at least half done. :)

You have some great books to read this week... I soooo want to read Portia de Rossi's book. It's on my wishlist!

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