Le Olde Box 'o Books Giveaway

That's right my lovelies.  I'm cleaning out my shelves and ridding myself of a lot of my beloved ARC's and even some finished copies.  They are all gently read copies.  I take care of all my books so if they are not perfect, they are in very near-perfect condition.  I have two boxes that I'll gladly fill-up and send to two lovely winners.  I can do just a YA box and an Adult Fiction box or I can mix them up.  It'll be the winners choice but titles will remain a secret... because I think surprises are fun. :)

GIVEAWAY:  There will definitely be 2 winners (maybe even 3 winners if I can fill up a third box) of a big ole box of books.

This is a followers only giveaway.  So you must be following the blog in order to qualify.   

Extra entries for those who also follow via:  Twitter, sidebar the contest, Facebook, have my spiffy All About {n} button on their blog, etc. Yes, stalkers are welcome.  :)   Make sure to leave an e-mail address, especially if you are leaving a comment under Anonymous.

Rules: This contest is open internationally! Winners will be drawn Friday, April 29


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Orchid said...

Ooh, you totally caught my attention with a surprise box of books (I love surprises, especially of the book variety). ^_^

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Virginia C said...

Wow! Thank you for a Super Suprise Giveaway! Fabulous fun : )

US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know if I could ever do that, but it's a great idea and I'll keep it in mind if I ever do.

I'm a follower here and on twitter, have your button on my blog and tweeted about it.

Unknown said...

What a great giveaway and so very genrous of you. Hmm I watch your vlogs and read your blog and wonder what kind of goodies will be in the boxes. The possiblities are endless.

Please count me in for this giveaway. I am a follower in Canada


Anonymous said...

Box O Books?!! I'm soooooooo there! Awesome giveaway dear!

meanmisskittie at gamil dot com

Orchid said...

Spaced out and forgot to mention, that yes I am a GFC/Twitter follower. o_O

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Anonymous said...

Oh oops, I am a new follower and I posted this on my blog!


meanmisskittie at gmail dot com

Deborah A. said...

What a great giveaway! I am a follower and I have your button on my blog.

Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...

Awesome, I would love a surprise box of books. :)

I'm a follower on the blog (Becky or Becky B.) and on Twitter (@GeckyBoz)


Zoë said...

such a generous giveaway! I'd love to be entered :)


I'm also a GFC follower!

Bwyatt said...

Uh, can you say AWESOME! Thanks so much for the chance! I'm a GFC follower as well as on twitter (@BritneyWyatt) and on facebook (Britney wyatt). I also tweeted.!/BritneyWyatt/status/56400728087990272

Yay! Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

Very awesome and exciting giveaway! I love it!!

I follow your blog.
I follow your Twitter.
I sidebared the contest.

Thank you so much for holding this giveaway! (:


Yani {AvidReader} said...

Yay giveaways !

Katie said...

yay free books!

Movie Passenger said...

Wow, please count me in! I follow you here and on twitter (@decalino).

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much!

I'm following via GFC. Casey (The Bookish Type)
Following via Twitter: @The_BookishType
Facebook: Casey Bookish Type

thebookishtypereviews AT gmail DOT com

Jenn said...

Oooh, I do love suprises! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway (and making it international!)

I am a follower

Blodeuedd said...

Open to all :D Yay, awesome. I would love a box of surprises, how fun!

Follower, international
blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

SarahEm said...

*drools* count me in.

smartin_90 (AT) yahoo (DOT com


Erika said...

What a great idea!

~blog and twitter follower
~added your button to my blog
~added a link to your giveaway on sidebar
~tweeted about it here:!/erikareading/status/56449241735905281


~Erika (erikadlugoAt(yahoo)dotty(com))

Anonymous said...

This is just... wow. Awesome giveaway!

(Definitely) a Follower - Austine
Twitter - @austine_decker
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Button -



Unknown said...

I love box o books giveaways! I love the surprise :)

I'm a follower


And I facebooked

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Liz. R said...

Ooh, mystery books are so exciting! Thanks for making this international :). I'm a GFC follower, and I put the contest on my sidebar:


Theresa said...

Ohhh... thanks for the awesome giveaway!


Tanya said...

Great giveaway!!! I follow on GFC, Twitter, and Facebook.


A Beautiful Madness said...

Great contest, count me in!

I'm a follwer and I tweeted about it! @emdelorme

Jessi E. said...

Wow... this is an amazing giveaway! :) I'm a follower and have your blog button on my page in the right sidebar at Thanks for the chance!

jlelliott08 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
I follow via GFC.

Pam Gonçalves said...

YAY *-*

GFC Follower *-*

VickyTinky said...

Awesome giveaway! Count me in too!

GFC follower: vickyvak
Twitter follower: vickyvak
E-mail subscriber


Claudia said...
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Sara said...

So generous of you! Thanks for an amazing giveaway! =)

I'm a blog and twitter follower (@brasir)


Linda said...

Oh WOW......This is incredible...
yes..yes...yes..count me in!!!!
Yes, I follow your blog! Yay! Free books!

jenna said...

I love the surprise element of this giveaway! And you've reviewed some really great books so there's got to be good stuff in there. :)

+1 Twitter follower
+1 All About {n} button on blog



lisalovesbooks said...

Oh, how wonderful! Yes, please add me to your giveaway list :D

JerseyGirl22 said...

Please count me in!
I'm following you on Twitter and Facebook.

Emilie said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway.

GFC Follower: Emilie
Twitter: @emiliebookworld


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sign me up! Thanks for doing this giveaway!


A Musing Mother said...

Maybe we could trade ARCS!

ntaylor228 at yahoo dot com

Joann said...

Definitely count me in. Follow you on gfc

Mona said...

Oh I am loving these cleaning shelves giveaways :)

FB friend(Mona Garg)
Email subscriber

Tiffany Drew said...

This giveaway is AMAZING! Super jealous of whoever wins this one (but I hope I do!!!) Thanks for the chance :)

I follow via GFC - Tiffany Drew
Twitter @enterthedrew
Facebook - Tiffany Drew


Audrey said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I'm a GFC follower as audreyclair.

holdenj said...

I would love to win a merrie olde box o' suprise books! What a fun idea for a contest!
I'm a GFC follower.

scottsgal said...

yay surprise books! I follow on gfc
msboatgal at

scottsgal said...

follow on fb
msboatgal at

Hilde said...

I probably shouldn't, but I simply cannot resist entering this fab giveaway!

GFC (Hilde) & Twitter follower (Magika83). hildesr at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

Yay for Surprises!!!

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via GFC

brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via twitter

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via good reads!

Tiffany said...

Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway :)
I am a GFC Follower.


Senator said...

Mm, yummy! It's great you're doing it internationally!

Mervi said...

What a great giveaway! Thank you for making it international! :)

I'm a GFC follower and e-mail subscriber.

musmekipi at gmail dot com

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

A wonderful giveaway and I would love to be included in this super giveaway.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

lindalou said...

I'm a GFC follower & a Facebook friend.
I love book surprises!
Linda T.

susandyer1962 said...

I follow through email

susandyer1962 at aol dot com

I love surprises and thanks so much for sharing your books with us!!

Tina said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!! I am a follower via email!

DforDarla said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'm a follower. I also subscribe via email.


Missie, The Unread Reader said...


I follow through GFC, E-mail sub, twitter, GR.

Thanks for doing this!

missie at

Tena said...

what a fantastic surprise to give to someone(s)! I am a follower


Tena said...

follower on twitter {@crazybookslut}


Tena said...

Follow you on Facebook
{ Tena G @ Crazy Book Slut }


Tena said...

your blog button is on my sidebar on my blog


Unknown said...

This is an awesome giveaway! And I love that you don't say which books you are sending so the winners will be surprised :). I am a GFC follower (Colleen Turner).

Unknown said...

I am a Facebook follower (Colleen Turner).

Unknown said...

I am an email subscriber.

Teril said...

I would love ye olde box of books! Reader challenge bring it on. More surprise titles the better ;)


terilhack at yahoo dot com

Kaya H said...

Ohh I would love the variety pack!


kasuranna at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I follow/friend on Goodreads (Colleen Turner).

A. Déborah said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway! :D

GFC Follower: A. Déborah

Chrystal said...

Oooo! Thank you for the Super Duper Giveaway!

I'm a GFC follower, twitter follower, have your button on my blog roll.


Unknown said...

Great giveaway, who does want to get a box of books :-)

Anonymous said...

Surprises are always fun. What is better than books.

I am a GFC Follower, librarypat.
I follow on Twitter as pbbearclaw.
I friended you on Facebook as Patricia Barraclough.
I am an email subscriber at the address below.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

Lexie@BookBug said...

Awesome giveaway!
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FB follower: Lexie May Hogan
Button on my blog at
lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

Mariee said...

Great giveaway!

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marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

~Enamored Soul~ said...

Wow, this is an amazing giveaway! Even though the titles may not be known - who in the world is not absolutely enthralled by the chance to win a whole box full of books! I squeal like a lil' girl every time one book comes in the mail - this would be like winning the lotto! Thank you SO much for hosting this giveaway! :D

GFC Follower: Enamored Soul
Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

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Tore923 said...

I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest.

Charleydog said...

What a nice mail delivery that would be - a box of books. I follow your blog on Google Reader.


Aisha @The Bewitching Bibliophile said...

YAY i would love the adult books, or you know what mix em up please see what i get. i can't wait thanks for doing this

Kristina said...

Blog and twitter follower (KristinaD77)


The Romance Girl said...

Oooh I love surprises! Follower and FB friend.

Shannon said...

What a fun giveaway. Thank you Nely. =) I'm a follower.
tiredwkids at live dot com

Evie said...

What a generous giveaway!
Thanks a lot for the chance and have a wonderful weekend ^^
by.evie at yahoo dot com dot br

elaing8 said...

Awesome Giveaway

I am a GFC follower

twitter follower @elaing8



Bookish Fangirl said...

I'm a subscriber and a GFC email is

LuAnn said...

I definitely want to take part in this giveaway! Thanks so much.

US resident
follower (LuAnn)

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

LadyVampire2u said...

Oooo would love a box of surprise goodies! :) I am a follower on GFC: LadyVampire2u and
+1 Twitter follower: LadyVampire2u
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Thanks for entering me!
LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

vampireprincess said...


Ayanami Faerudo said...

Yay! Boxes of books! Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm Ayanami Faerudo and I'm from the international scene.

Already a GFC follower and also followed you on Twitter.!/fierrayukino/status/56544641385889792

My email address is:


Smash Attack Ash said...

Woot, Nelly! You generous woman! Thanks for this AWESOMESAUCE opp! ;)


ash at smashattackreads dot com

mendy said...

Yay! Thanks for the surprise box of goodies!
I friended you on goodreads.
GFC follower, subsciber

Kristen - Seeing Night said...

Awesome giveaway!!
I have your button on my blog, a twitter and GFC follower as well.

____ said...

Even though my shelves have more books than they can handle, I love books and surprises even more! I follow via GFC, Goodreads, and Twitter (also friends on FB) so please enter me in this fun giveaway. I guess I fall into that "stalker" category, huh? :D

Thanks so much!

gsarnak410 (at) gmail (dot) com

Cass said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! Internationals always miss out on awesome ones like these. I know how expensive shipping a BOX can be . . . .

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Total: 8 (???)

Notice any desperation? Lol.

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Myranda said...

Wow! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Sandy Jay said...

I love boxes of books! Count me in.

GFC follower---Sandy Jay

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Facebook follower---Sandy Jay

forwhlz at gmail dot com

Katie said...

Wow! How awesome! :)

So excited! Follower of your blog!

buddyt said...

Seems like you have caught eveyones attention with this giveaway.

Looks like I am entrant # 100.

Maybe that is a lucky number !

Thanks for opening the giveaway to International entries as I am one of those.

I am a Follower via GFC

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I so love you and this awesome giveaway :) I of course follow


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I follow on twitter as frellathon


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I just added you on FB


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I have your button on my sidebar


Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

Awesome giveaway thanks.
Follow on twitter and tweeted!/natcleary
Follow on GFC
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Email subscriber.

natcleary at gmail dot com

Kiwi Ivashkov said...
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Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Oh wow! Thats is so thoughtful of you!!:D Thats like a mega-giveaway- a box full!!that too international! Your the bestest!!:D

+Goodreads friend/follower
+Old Follower
+ tweeted & + twitter follower


Bella said...

Hey thanks for the giveaway, it's awesome! And thanks for making it international :D

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Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Sent you friend request on goodreads


Misha said...

Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm a GFC follower, a blog subscriber, a Facebook friend and a Twitter follower.

iffath said...

Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!! Surprise boxes o books FTW! <3


Llehn said...

I'd love to play please.

Following via GFC, twitter (@Brittleblue) and FB (Lesley Cheah)


Anonymous said...

WOW-awesome I love your box giveaways....:D

Cynthiagarrido2004 said...

Wow Nely awesome giveaway count me in you know I'm your staked here,twitter,facebook the works


Stacey Brucale said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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Mary said...

I'm a GFC follower!

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Fashion Addict said...

I'm a Follower! hehe name is msKpopper!
I also Tweeted!!!/TotalBookNerd/status/56755450242273280
And I added your button to my blog!
Awesome Giveaway! Going for the YA a box! WOO!

Unknown said...

Cool giveaway!

Darlyn said...

I love box of books surprise!

-I'm a follower via GFC
-Email subscriber
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-Share on Facebook
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-Link the giveaway at blog side bar

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Thanks so much Nely!

ArtemisG said...

Thanks for the great giveaway and for making it international!!!
GFC follower as Diana
Twitter follower as @artdem83

artgiote at gmail dot com

Khyla said...

I am a GFC/Twitter follower

Thank you so much for the giveaway


Jane said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

GFC follower

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Bookish in a Box said...

Thanks so much! This sounds like fun. I'm a follower and my email address is : whatinabox at gmail dot com

Twitter follower @bookishinabox

-petit said...

Great Giveaway! :D I really want those books! XDD

GFC Follower, Email Subscriber, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and I've your button on my blog ( :D

Kritters Ramblings said...

What a great giveaway!

I follow your blog.

Elena Gray said...

Wow! What a generous giveaway!

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whitewolfreads said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I follow via GFC, Twitter (@jmspettoli), Facebook (Jessica Spettoli), and Goodreads (jmspettoli).

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Ina said...

Oh my God!!! a box full of books?? and a suprise?? would love to be entered in the giveaway :)
thanks so much!
greetings, Ina

I'm a follower.
inale87 at gmx dot at

Rainne said...

This is a super amazing giveaway! :)
Thank you so much! :D
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Cialina at said...

Oooh! I love a good surprise. :)


Louisa @ Words I Write Crazy said...

Books? A boxful? WOW! EEKS!
GFC follower as Louisa, Twitter follower as lpcoolgirl, Facebook friend as Louisa Paarsmarkt, And friend on goodreads as Louisa.
Email is and yep :)

Chloe Booklover said...

Wow! This is super awesome :)


Thank you!

Laura Kneidl said...

Great Giveaway ^_^

I'm a follower here (Judicandus) and on twitter (MortalBookshelf) and tweet about it (!/MortalBookshelf/status/57173994822049792)


Sophia said...

A big ol box of books? Sounds too good to be true! :D Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway. Please enter me (I am a GFC follower).

(I'd like the YA one :))


Carol M said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway!

I follow on GFC - Carol M
I follow on Twitter - CarolAnnM

mittens0831 at aol dot com

Jessica said...

Great contest!

DarcyO said...

Great giveaway! Please include me. I'm a follower.

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

Vy said...

Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I'm only a follower :)

Name: Vy @ Vy's Blog

Annabelle Foo | Belle Hearts said...

Awesome giveaway and thanks for making it international! =]

I'm a GFC follower,name: «Annabelle».


Judit said...

I'm completely speechless. You are so awesome! Thanks a lot!

I'm an old folower of yours.

+1 twitter follower @judittten
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mariska said...

i'm now following your blog :)
this box will be a huge surprise to whoever won it ! good luck everyone :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Krazzyme(Young Readers) said...

surprise books huh :D

kaderkismet said...

yay!! nice give away, it s always nice with the books.. thanx for hosting.

im already your follower thru GFC=kaderkismet

and my email is

Syki said...

WOW! What a giveaway! I wish I could win this :)

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LilyxJames said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway.

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Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Box o books! Excellent giveaway :)

I am so entering

Vicky said...

Yay! Thanks for a chance to win some books!

I am a follower of the blog (Vicky N.) & a twitter follower as well (@celeste576012).

vicky216n at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey i'm Halinor Everdeen Cipriano from Assortments... We do have your giveaway badge posted on our blog, I also follow you on Twitter, the name's
Here's Our blog link
My email Id is

Jasmine Cervik said...

This is awesome!T hanks so much! :)

I'm a GFC Follower- Jasmine (The Reading Housewives)


Unknown said...

Oh, my!! It's SO nice of you to make it international! I would love you forever if I won, and would take care of your books as if they were my children (I'm very strict with book care, I'm always very gentle with them, LOL).
I'm GFC follower (Karla Vollkopf), twitter follower (@vollkopf)
and twitted:!/vollkopf/status/57459640799203328

M Cris said...

That has got to be the BEST giveaway EVER! A BOX of books? AND it's international? Have I died and gone to heaven? LOL

GFC follower: Cristina Marques, @mcrism1,!/mcrism1/status/57460794643845122
also, I have your All About {n} button on my blog:

Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

BTW, I also have your button on my blog:

Vidisha said...

great giveaway!!!!

Gfc follower

Stephanie (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) said...

Thank you for being so generous and making this an international giveaway! I love the idea of a surprise :)

GFC follower
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Adrianga said...
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Adrianga said...

oh, I love surprises and books, so combination of surprise and books is the best! THANKS! :-)


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maybe I forgot something :D

Sonia said...

Wow - this is generous. Thanks!

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Katie said...

Yay for a giveaway! I'm a GFC follower, as well as a Twitter follower :)

Ruth said...


Ruth said...

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Edna said...

Thanks so much!

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Tawni said...

Wow! Thanks for the awesome giveaway - you rock!

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Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I would be so psyched to win an entire box of books!

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Anonymous said...


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Jennifer A said...

What a great giveaway! That is so generous of you!

I'm pretty sure I'm a follower. I need to go check when photobucket fixes itself! Ugh. I'm so sorry, it must be driving you nuts. I'll just leave your blog open and check in the morning. Oh, I know! I'll go double check my google reader. :)

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Jessy said...

What a fun idea! It would be just like Christmas opening a surprise box of books.

I follow blog and Twitter

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Bellona McKinnon said...

awesome idea! :)
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Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway! Tweeted about it >

Also I'm a follower;"dreaminthedreamland"=)

my e-mail address is

Bea said...

Count me in please! :)

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Willinda said...
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Willinda said...

WOW. That´s amazing, you´re amazing!
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Sniffly Kitty said...

Would love to win ^.^

Aleetha said...

I love surprises. Thanks a lot for your kindness. at gmail dot com

I am your GFC Follower.
I follow your tweet. (@aleetha)
Facebook friends : Asriani "Ally" Purnama
I also put your button in my sidebar.
(but something wrong with the photo bucket)

I linked this giveaway

on my blog

Unknown said...

I tweeted once:!/vollkopf/status/58258966395891712

Unknown said...

I twitted twice:!/vollkopf/status/58258992958418945 LOL

donnas said...

Great giveaway. Thanks!!

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Kayla @ Shattered Memories said...

Ooh, what a nice surprise! Count me in! ;D This is truly an awesome giveaway, though I don't think I'd ever be able to part with my own books lol.

- GFC Follower
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- Put the contest in my sidebar (


Btw I love your blog, it's so cute! I hope you stop by mine sometime. :)

Kayla @ Shattered Memories said...

Sorry, that was typed wrong. It's actually listed in the sidebar @

virginia said...

omg...thanks for the giveaway and for making it international..
a surprise box of books???wow.!!thank you verymuch thats awesome..

am i gfc and twitter follower

~The Book Pixie said...

This is such an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much!

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Misha said...

It looks great. I love surprises. :) Please enter me.

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NoBoDy said...

I'm a follower here.


Rusallka said...

What a great giveaway! I am a new google follower

Rusallka said...

What a great giveaway! I am a new google follower

Miriam said...

Wow this sounds great! I'm an 'original' follower and I follow you on twitter under @backchatgirl. I'm from the UK so this is really cool!

email: miriamfrancos(at)dsl(dot)pipex(dot)com

Miss Page-Turner said...

Eeeeeeek I love love love this giveaway! How awesome would winning a book box be?!?!?:)


Miss Page-Turner said...

I am also a twitter follower as @MPTsCityofBooks


Miss Page-Turner said...

I am a Facebook friend as "Sar Werb"


Miss Page-Turner said...

I've got your blog button in my blogroll (left sidebar), but that's because I really like your blog and not only because of the contest:D


Dinky said...

Great giveaway!
I am a blog follower as Dinky
and twitter follover as dinky___

Loony Linh said...

Coolio. Thanks for this awesome giveaway ^^

I'm a new Aussie follower :)

lnhphm24 {at} hotmail {dot} com

EVA SB said...

OOh a suprise box - fun!!

I'm a follower



Spiffy Button[@]gmail[.]com

RRoxana said...

This giveaway is so faboulos! I'm a follower.

jayjay said...

This is really excited! a surpise box? wow! i'm totally joining this!

Blog Follower: Jayjay

annejude said...

Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

GFC Follower:annejude

Justine said...

Ooh, I like boxes. ^.^

I follow via GFC, I follow on twitter (@justeena), I linked this contest on my sidebar and included a button as well. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!
justeena_25 at yahoo dot ca

fangirl_18 said...

thanks for this amazing giveaway!

i'm also following your blod

Kulsuma said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway! Would so love to win this!
I am an old GFC follower: Kulsuma
Sidebar link:
Also have your button on my sidebar:)

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