The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch

Title:  The Magnolia League
Author: Katie Crouch
Pages:  368
Genre:  YA/ Paranormal
After the death of her free-spirited mother, sixteen-year-old Alex Lee must leave her home in northern California to live with her wealthy grandmother in Savannah, Georgia. By birth, Alex is a rightful, if unwilling, member of the Magnolia League, Savannah's long-standing debutante society. She quickly discovers that the Magnolias have made a pact with a legendary hoodoo family, the Buzzards. The Magnolias enjoy youth, beauty and power. But at what price?
I have read all of Katie Crouch's adult-themed novels and was quite surprised to see that she was venturing off into the YA genre.  I knew right away that I just had to read The Magnolia League - not to mention the synopsis mentioned magic, debutantes and the South... well you know that that makes for good reading.

After her mother's death, Alex leaves her humble, hippie lifestyle to live with her rich grandmother in Georgia.  As if that's not a culture shock on it's own, her grandmother is the head of the elite Magnolia League.  Alex quickly learns that the debutantes of the Magnolia League are blessed with good looks, handsome men and wealth.  But she soon realizes that there is more than just luck when it comes to the members of this elite group.   

As with all of Ms. Crouch's books, she depicts the South so vividly.  You can hear the southern drawl in her characters' voices and she depicts Savannah, GA, its scenery and residents expertly.  I loved the feel of  it and I couldn't help but find myself instantly captivated by its southern charm.  I also really enjoyed the magical elements of the story... the Hoodoo.   I loved to read about the spells and magic charms - it was all very detailed and it seemed natural and realistic.

What I had a problem with was the romance.  I think the relationship between Alex and Thaddeus felt forced.  I also had a few problems with Alex herself - she was mean to her new friends, constantly criticizing and belittling them.  She had her good moments, but she also had her bad moments.

All in all, I still found The Magnolia League to be a very interesting and consuming read.  It was fast-paced and full of wonderful comedic moments (as I've come to expect from Ms. Crouch).  I do recommend it for older readers though as there is lot of pot-smoking (remember Alex was raised on a hippie commune), partying, booze and the like.  I also want to forewarn that there is a cliff-hanger ending so y'all will have to wait for the next installment, The White Glove War, releasing some time next year.  I, for one, will definitely be looking out for it.

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Lisa said...

I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds really good. I can't wait to check it out.

Kailana said...

Something about this book really appeals to me.

Cass said...

Sounds good. I love a romance that works, but I guess it's okay if the story itself is awesome. Thanks for the review. ;) Can't wait to check it out!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Great review. That cover is intense!

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