Easy Like Sunday Morning

Back to work tomorrow - ugh. Sunday is my chore day. At the moment I'm washing and drying clothes, and I have about 3 weeks worth of clothes to put away (counting this week's). Plus, I need to change the sheets in all three bedrooms. Fun times.

We did groceries ealier at Target. It's so easy to spend $200 there - bleh. And when I say groceries, I mean groceries. Nothing other than the few things I needed. Normally I shop at Target and buy a bunch of stuff that I all-of-a-sudden need (i.e. scrapbook supplies, toys for the kids, movies, house furnishings, etc.) but not today.

Last night we saw Hancock. I liked it. I thought it was quite funny. I love Will Smith. He's still got it. We were back home around 11:30p.

I did have a 3 hour nap today so that's a plus. I needed it - I was dead tired. Now we're getting ready for dinner. Beef O'Brady's = yum.

Oh, and I love, love, love the little apps that I uploaded onto my iPod yesterday. Today I did my groceries using a grocery list app that I installed. I added the items I needed and was able to check them off. It was really neat-o.

Current book-in-progress
: The Boelyn Inheritance
Current movie/tv obsession: Picture This
iTunes Loop: Soulmate by Natasha Beddingfield (I love this song)

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