The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

This book is like ambrosia for all Dracula afficionados and history buffs alike. It is such an interesting and compelling twist on the classic Dracula novel. It is definitely not the romanticized vampire novel. It is well-written and well researched - the historical background made the story very believable to me--- with references to the Ottoman Empire, Byzantium, Count Vladimir, the folklore and legend of St. George, etc. (whether the historical references are accurate or not is another story). Ms. Kostova describes these far off lands / places with such vivid detail (at times, too much) that you can almost feel like you were there along with Paul and Helen, yet the climax of the story happens with so little detail that it almost feels as if it was written by a different author. So, having finished the novel, I am slightly disappointed in the end. It just fell flat. I will say though that the narrative is told in a very different and interesting manner - switching back and forth between letters and manuscripts to tell the story. The subtlety of the underlying fear throughout the book was pretty classy and that made the story seem more realistic. I will admit I had to put the book down a time or two when reading late in the evening just because of the suspense and well, I got a little spooked out. All in all, it is a good story, although long and sometimes hard to digest. The places she describes are spellbinding and beautiful. It has an engrossing plot and rich historical content. I recommend this book if you are looking for something to read at a leisurely pace for a few weeks.

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