I'm dead this morning... so tired... eyes shutting... ugh.

James is sicky poo and gave me the worst night. He had a fever since about noon yesterday and no matter how much Tylenol or Motrin you give him the fever is still there. Every time we take him to the pool the same thing happens. He catches a mild cold - yet this time I think it's a little worse than the last couple of times. He's miserable and therefore he made sure we all knew it. At 3am was the worst - I was dead asleep when he started crying, I was about 30 mins. late on the medicine so he was burning up, I went to give him water and dropped the whole freaking cup on my bathroom floor, then I grabbed him and laid him with us and Jenna woke up because of his crying so she came to our bed too... needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. zzzzzzz

Sorry, I dozed off there for a minute. So now I'm miserable this morning.

On a brighter note, I'm well under way of Breaking Dawn and if it were up to me I'd still be sitting in my warm car reading... instead of in this icebox we call an office. Today during lunch we're going to have our first office book club meeting to discuss our first book, ironically titled, "The Book Club" - which was aight. So that should be fun. And well, that's all I got for ya.

As promised here are the remaining pics from my Birthday Bash:

And of course, the best picture of the night:

Oooh and just in case you haven't seen this yet (please click play) asap. It cracked me the hell up. And that's it. TTFN

Current book-in-progress: Breaking Dawn
Current movie/tv obsession: Strange Wilderness
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