TGIF - woot

I just bought tickets to see HAIRSPRAY in October. Yay me!

Aso, it's Friday and tomorrow is Anais' bachelorette getaway so I'm thrilled to have a girls weekend out. Although I continue being sick - I will most def make the best of it.

This morning I get to work, step out of my car and my freaking shoe breaks. Who the hell does this happen to? I had to call in to work and tell my office manager that I had to go back home and get a new pair of shoes.... what a dingy.

I've also just uncovered a consipiracy... my computer logs me off everytime I'm on a non-work related site. If I'm on a work related site - NO PROBLEM. But God forbid I go on Facebook, Blogger, Netflix, personal e-mail, etc. My damn computer has a mind of its own. ugh What a cock-blocker!

The kids are doing much better. No fever now, just little runny noses. I'm down to less than 100 pages on Breaking Dawn. I'll probably finish during lunch. And then off to bigger and better things. I plan on relaxing tomorrow by the beach with a book or my iPod, or maybe both. Yes, because I'm awesome like that and just relax. I can't wait! I'll definitely post pics.


Current book-in-progress: Breaking Dawn

Current movie/tv obsession: nothing at the moment

iTunes Loop: Realize - Colby Caillat

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Art4mysanity said...

Oh so you are going to skip lunch and sit in your car in the company parking lot reading the last 100 pages? OMG! We are so alike! Like twins from another dimension!

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