The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle, is a story about redemption.

This is a most unusual tale. It is the love story of a severely burned ex-porn star and a schizophrenic sculptor on it's surface. Which is interesting enough--both are lovably flawed fascinating characters in their on right. But soon the other stories, spanning centuries, begin. Each is a heartbreaking yet uplifting story of love. All are told in language I can only call magical--I found myself often stopping to re-read sections because I wanted to savor their beauty a bit longer. Reading this book felt like sorting through a wondrous box of treasure--there are well researched intellectual prizes, laugh out loud humor (advice--carefully read the menu for Christmas dinner), tear jerking moments that take the breath away, love that creates a longing in the heart, physical pain that make the body recoil at the reading..........and so much more.

All I can say is read it, I guarantee you'll love it.

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