Jenna's Birthday Party

Jenna's Birthday Party was a huge success! We spent all morning picking up platters, food, etc. for our guests and of course decorating the house for her big day. She was so excited all morning bringing down all her princess toys "for the kids to play" and arranging everything. She even had me bring down a "throne" chair she has so that she could sit and act the part of the princess of the party. She had her Snow White gown and heels ready. She dictated where I should hang her balloons and put her grab bags. She had me doing her bidding all morning.

Around 1pm, I showered both kids and got them ready for the event. Since the party was starting at 2pm, I figured I should shower too and by the time I got out of the shower this is what I find:

Yep, they were pooped! It was all the excitement plus those nice warm showers totally put them out.

Shortly after our guests started arriving and the rest is just a whirlwind of kids running, screaming, food and cupcakes, etc. Here are the fun pics for your viewing pleasure:

the princess on her throne

holding court

There were tea parties

pimp my ride --> grandma and grandpa got her her first bike

mommy with her lovely friends

there were cupcakes

and then this happened:

they went totally mad... they started running around in circles and screaming... I guess the sugar got to them.

but all in all, her birthday party was all that she could ask for... or so she says.

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