101 Things About Yours Truly

So considering that my profile is a tad vague, I decided it would be nice if y'all knew a little bit more about me and not just about what I'm reading or would like to be reading :D So I've been sitting here (yes, I'm bored) coming up with 101 fun, random facts about yours truly. Enjoy and you are more than welcome to share as many fun facts about yourself as you'd like. It's always nice to get to know eachother better.

1. I wish I was famous.

2. I can still do a split.

3. I have two little babies (well, they're not little babies anymore but they're my babies) Jenna - 3; James 2. And no, I did not name them after Jenna Jameson.

4. I would like to find a golden ticket and visit Willy Wonka.

5. I am afraid of clowns but I think Oompa Loompas ROCK!!

6. My favorite non-alchoholic drink is low-fat milk.

7. I like climbing trees.

8. I know more than 100 facts about dinosaurs.

9. Math is a foreign language to me.

10. I love my children and hubby ridiculously.

11. I can't live without a book.

12. I would like to eat a Crabby Patty.

13. I lose my keys three times a week, or more.

14. I can only snap my fingers with my left hand - the same thing with winking my left eye. What's up with that? My right side is BROKEN.

15. MY favorite singer is Micheal Jackson - I would kill to go to one of his concerts.

16. I don't find jokes about him funny and it will anger me to hear him bad mouthed. (but I still secretly laugh)

17. I LOVE my minivan.

18. I don't wash it enough.

19. I use to love playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark when I was a kid. I've recently taught my kids how to play and now we play hide-and-go-seek about three x's a week.

20. I still think I'm a kid.

21. My friend Jennifer cracks me up.

22. We can laugh at the same shit for months and still find it uproaringly hilarious.

23. I use to spell "hilarious" wrong- with an "a" as the 2nd letter.

24. I can doo-doo brown very well (but I haven't done this in years).

25. I don't like being asked "What's wrong?"

26. I often ask "What's wrong?"

27. I still sometimes count with my fingers.

28. I also do the whole.... "I" before "E"except after "C".

29. I like freckles.

30. I wish I could sing.

31. I would go on American Idol just so Simon could tell me how bad I suck.

32. I love Cinderella.

3. While in Orlando on vacation I was offered a job to be Cinderella on a float in Disney.

34. For $6 an hour in the hot sun, I told the guy he could start putting on that wig himself.

35. I had turtles named "Leonardo" and "Donatello," after the Ninja Turtles, of course.

36. I have a terrible temper. I think I have turned green once or twice.

37. I don't like to let go.

38. I would like to meet Christine Feehan - she is the only author that I can say I've been reading for years and years and know and love each and every single one of her characters.

39. I am an avid animal lover.

40. I LOVE text-messages.

41. I secretly wish I could cook, but there is no helping me. It'll never happen.

42. My hubby can always make me laugh. No matter how serious I'm trying to be.

43. I have a flip flop collection, which I am very proud of. What? I live in Miami.

44. I hate the smell and taste of Doritos.

45. I HATE football. Although I won $100 bucks this last Super Bowl.

46. I still miss high school.

47. I am the worst driver in America.

48. Ok the whole WORLD.

49. I LOATHE spiders.

50. I have 1 regret.

51. I love pizza with Canadian bacon on it.

52. I think my husband should be famous too.

53. I can out drink many men.

54. I can eat like one too.

55. Sleeping and Scrabble are 2 things I am good at.

56. Reading and writing blogs are another.

57. Dancing in my underwear is yet another.

58. I laugh at almost anything.

59. I fractured my elbow once. It hurt. A lot.

60. I detest the cold weather.

61. I love the color GREEN (it matches my eyes).

62. I watched Days of Our Lives for a while (on maternity leave) and I absolutely loved it.

63. I'm impressed by gymnasts.

64. I am in ♥ with my iPod Touch and my Sony Reader. They are the coolest things I've ever owned.

65. I was addicted to spinning (cycling).

66. I would like to swim with dolphins.

67. Disney World is one of my favorite places.

68. So is Vegas.... and New York.... and San Francisco.

69. Someday, I want to renew my vows in Vegas.

70. I had a pet pig once named Petunia.

71. I am dying to have a pet doggie.

72. I hate doorbells.

73. I will never retire the song "Ice, Ice, Baby."

74. I never liked Scooby-Doo.

75. I know someone who wears Speedos and actually looks good.

76. I like to say "I told you so."

77. I won't eat pork because I love pigs too much.

78. I am very superstitious.

79. I have been called a witch because I like getting my tarrot cards read.

80. To that I say "BLOW ME." I just do it for fun. It's more like a joke than anything else.

81. I miss my old friends - I always lose touch with them.

82. I miss them all the time.

83. I also miss Different Strokes and Punky Brewster.

84. I owned the Punky Brewster shoes.

85. When I hit the 57 on the ketchup bottles, nothing freaking comes out.

86. I haven't been to Europe.

87. Or been inside the Statue of Liberty.

88. There isn't a Johnny Depp movie that I haven't liked.

89. I was an Avon Lady (for like 5 minutes).

90. I'm still proud of being a Homecoming Queen.

91. I know all the lines from the movie Clueless.

92. I got hired at Hooters and didn't want to work there.

93. So I didnt.

94. I am addicted to Broadway Shows. Although we live in Florida we catch any show that's touring.

95. My secret wish is to see The Phantom of the Opera live.

96. I never learned how to whistle.

97. I use to hide my Flinstone vitamins in my drawer because I didn't like the taste.

98. Sometimes I wear too much perfume.

99. I love country music. I drag my husband all over South Florida to concerts. I still hear it from him for that. But I don't care.

100. I am a Super Mario Bros. fanatic.

101. I strongly believe I will win the lottery one day, but my tarrot cards have still to detect that!


Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Okay, this post rocks, Nely! One of the things that I like about these kinds of posts is that this is where I confirm how much I have in common with those bloggers that I've "clicked" with out there. It's uncanny!

And yes.... i before e except after c. ;)

Beth F said...

Way cool!!!!! We definitely overlap in a lot of areas (but I'm too old for Ninja turtles -- but 20+ years ago I bought my nephew turtle roller skates, which he *loved*).

I'm totally impressed that you came up with 101 things.

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