The Gathering by Anne Enright

I tried to read this book once before and couldn’t get past page 50. So I decided to give it a second go and can say I feel a bit proud of myself for trucking through. I found it a bit dull and the narrator (Veronica) never warmed up to me. I just didn’t like her - no matter how much I tried. I found the book to be well Very Irish - and there were certain sayings I just couldn’t understand. The plot jumps around all over the place. The thoughts were often disjointed. And to be frank, I just didn't care about a lot of it. Very depressing. My recommendation - pass this one on by.

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Beth F said...

Humm. Thanks for the review. I just got a copy of this from a friend. When I get around to trying it, I'll be sure to post. I won't go into it with high expectations.

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