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On this week's Bookcase of the Week it is with great pleasure that I bring you Emilie of Emilie's Book World's book shelves.  I recently discovered Emilie's blog and since her reading tastes are very similar to mine, I've found myself coming by on a regular basis to read her honest reviews.  Emilie was one of the first to respond when I first sent the call out for Bookcase of the Week participants.  Here's what she sent us:

I’m still in university, and so my space for bookshelves is quite limited. I live in a house with two roommates and I got lucky and ended up with the biggest room, so I have a relatively big bookshelf all things considered. Most of the books I have here are books I’ve bought or received in the last three years, and I have at least as many back at my parents’ house as I do here. It’s kind of crazy. But here is my bookshelf as a whole:

This bookshelf, like those of many other bloggers, is from IKEA and unfortunately has recently been discontinued. That means I’ll have to find other shelves in the future. What I liked most about this one is that I can arrange the shelves however I want, which makes it really easy when it comes to shelving books of different heights.

I don’t have any really fancy system as to how I organize my books, I just alphabetize them by author and in order of publication for books that are by the same author. And of course I like to keep my series together and in order. While it’s nothing very fancy, I can get really annoyed when my books are out of order, for the most part it’s probably just a question of esthetics.

Most of the books I have here are in English, but I do also read in French (it’s actually my first language though I’ve been going to school in English for over 10 years). So I have some French books thrown into the mix as you can see below. The majority of my French books are actually back at my parents’ house since before moving away, I used to read more in French than in English. Interesting bit of information about French books that some of you may not know: on English books the writing on the spine goes from top to bottom, but on French books it actually goes from bottom to top. I don’t really know why but it’s something I’ve noticed over the years and can sometimes make it harder to read the titles.

Off to the very right of my bookshelf if where I keep my books for school (on the top shelf) and where I have a shelf devoted to the books I’ve received for review that either haven’t been read yet or that I’ve read but haven’t yet shelved with the rest of my other books.

And finally on my nightstand is where I keep the books that I am currently in the process of reading. That is when I am not carrying them around in my bag on the off chance I could sneak in a few pages between classes and work.

So those are my bookshelves. I still have some space on them, but I have a feeling the few empty shelves are going to get filled up a lot quicker than I would like to think. Once those are filled up, I’m not so sure what I’m going to do. There’s only so much space in room that isn’t filled up with other furniture!

Thank you Nelly for having me here to share my bookshelves! I always love looking at how other people organize their books, so being able to also share mine is just awesome.

Thank you Emilie!!  I myself am quite nosey and love seeing how everyone organizes their books.  I especially like to see what they own, what their TBR piles look like, etc.  Yes, I know I'm nosey, I'm honest about it.  Thank you so much for playing along and sending us your pictures as well as sharing a little bit about your reading habits. 

For those of you who haven't passed on through to Emilie's yet, please visit her here (tell her I say HI!).  If you'd like to participate in the Bookcase of the Week, please feel free to send me an e-mail so we can chat.

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Tales of Whimsy said...

What lovely neat shelves :)

Chrystal said...

YAY! Emilie is awesome. I've had the chance to meet her in person. :) And I love how many bookshelves she has. I am super jealous actually. ;)

ErinPaperbackstash said...

Nice shelves! I didn't use the IKEA ones but I know a lot of people enjoyed those shelves and hated to see them discontinued. Looks like some good books there :)

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